Home smart home.

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Meet the helpful home.

Your home is the centre of your life. It’s where you sleep, it’s where your family lives, and it’s where you feel safe. The Visit system is designed to watch out for your home so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

So when you’ve got your hands full, Visit will help you to keep tabs on ringing phones, simmering pots and buzzing doorbells.

Keeps tabs on your home.

Visit gives you full control of your home and is easily adapted to cater your needs. It offers cutting edge telephone and doorbell detection, reliable baby monitoring and fire protection that meets the highest standards.

Doorbell detection

Detects all types of doorbells and alerts you when your friends arrive.
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Telephone detection

Detects both phones and tablets and alerts you to calls and messages.
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Baby monitoring

Monitors your loved one around the clock and alerts you to every little gurgle.
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Fire protection

Supervises your home and wakes you if a fire should occur.
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Doorbell detection

Know when your guests arrive.

Preparing family dinners is always a busy task. There's food to cook, beds to make and the house springs to life with sizzling pans, whirring blenders and whining vacuum cleaners.

Visit tells you when guests are at the door, so you can keep track of the comings and goings in your home.

A warm welcome.

When the doorbell rings, the transmitter signals the pager on your belt. The pager’s gentle vibrations will tell you that your guests have arrived. Learn more about the products:

Door transmitter  Pager receiver

Telephone detection

Stay in touch with your loved ones.

In today’s global society, family and friends are living in all corners of the world. Then it’s good to know that your dear ones are just a phone call away.

Visit tells you when you receive a call or message and helps you to stay in touch with the ones you care about the most.

Keeps you in the loop.

When the phone rings, the transmitter signals the Flash in your living room. The bright lights will show you that someone is trying to get a hold of you. Learn more about the products:

Telephone transmitter  Mobile phone sensor  Flash receiver

Baby monitoring

Always close to your little one.

Caring for your baby's health and safety is one of the most important things you do as a parent. Visit keeps a watchful eye on your baby around the clock and senses every little gurgle.

Knowing you’re connected to your little one as she is safely tucked in will give you the peace of mind to get some rest too.

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A reliable connection.

When your baby stirs, the baby monitor signals the receiver on your wrist. With gentle vibrations, it keeps you connected to your baby even when you are rooms apart. Learn more about the products: 

Baby monitor  Wrist receiver 

Fire protection

Protect your home and family.

The material in much of today’s furniture makes fires burn faster, and nowadays it can take less than 5 minutes for a fire to take over a room. Visit discovers smoke and smoldering fire at an early stage and relays the alarm directly to your bedroom.

Knowing that you can get out of harm’s way in time provides a peaceful night's sleep for both you and your family.

Watches out for you.

If a fire starts, the smoke alarm will instantly activate the alarm clock in your bedroom. With loud sounds, bright flashes and vibrations under the pillow, you are sure to wake up and get out of harm’s way. Learn more about the products: 

Smoke alarm  Alarm clock with Bedshaker

Meet the receivers.

Everyone’s taste is different, and one-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit you. That’s why we created a family of receivers that work seamlessly with each other, your home and your lifestyle.

On the coffee table
Flash receiver

In your pocket
Pager receiver

By your bed
Alarm clock

On your wrist
Wrist receiver

The Visit difference.

Visit provides the simplest way for anyone to make their home smarter. Setup takes minutes. Literally. Visit doesn’t rely on WiFi, so there’s no hassle with router configurations or worry over phone bills.

Easy setup

Plug in, connect and turn on. Getting started with Visit is that simple.

Clear alerts

Choose between flashing lights, powerful sounds or gentle vibrations.

Superior range

Keeps you connected even when you are out in the garden.

Energy efficient

Runs for years on standard batteries making it virtually maintenance free.