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Every day, accidents from falling hospitalize 135 people over the age of 65.

Swedish Board of Health and Welfare

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Every day, 4 people over the age of 65 die from their injuries.

MSB, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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In addition to the human suffering, accidents cost 11.6 billion SEK each year.

Swedish Board of Health and Welfare

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20% of these accidents happen in poor lighting conditions.

WHO, World Health Organization

Light My Way

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No more stumbling in the dark

Accidents from falling are the leading cause of unintentional injuries among older people. Many accidents occur in darkness, when you may be disorientated from sleeping and unstable on your feet.

Light My Way knows when you leave the bed and lights up a safe path, so you don’t trip during your night-time visits to the bathroom.

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How it works

Waking up
The sensor activates when you leave the bed and turns on the lights in all rooms.

Moving around
The light bulbs slowly raise the light and adapt the brightness so you are not dazzled.

Back to sleep
When you return to bed, you can turn off all the lights with a single flick of the master switch.

Getting out of bed

Advanced Bed Exit Detection

The sensor automatically calibrates to your specific bed conditions and only activates when you get up. When triggered, it turns on the smart lights in all rooms along your way to the bathroom.

 Smart-sensor powered

 Mesh network diagnostics

Moving around

Responsive Light

The light bulbs detect ambient light and automatically adjust to the time of day. The light is raised slowly, giving your vision time to adapt. So whether it’s pitch black or dusky dawn, the light is always at just the right level.

 Energy efficient


Knows your habits

Smart Switches

Most people tend to turn off the light when they leave the bathroom. The system will automatically turn it back on next time you get up – overriding the switch.

Back to sleep

The Master Controller

When you return to bed, you can turn off all the lights along the path with a single flick of the master switch. Since it’s wireless, you can place it right by the bed, regardless of the existing electrical wiring.

 Easy setup

 Bluetooth powered

It just works

Smart, Secure and Connected

Once you set it up, Light My Way starts doing things for you, without you having to program it. It is completely wireless, easy to use and you are up and running within minutes.The system requires virtually no maintenance and keeps things running smoothly for years to come.

Inside out

Tech talk

In the box, BE8108

1. Bed exit sensor BE2500

Smart switches
2. Bedroom switch BE2530
3. Bathroom switch BE2540
4. Extra covers and frames:
    BE9270 / BE9271 / BE9272

Light bulbs
5. Bedroom bulb BE2510
6. Hallway bulb BE2511
7. Bathroom bulb BE2520

8. E14 to E27 BE9278
9. B22 to E27 BE9279

Sensor: 170×170×14 mm
Switches: 84×84×18 mm
Bulbs 102×58×58 mm

Sensor: 154g (incl. batteries)
Switches: 60g (incl. batteries)
Bulbs: 72g

Power & Battery
Bed exit sensor
Battery: 3x3V Panasonic CR2450
Operating time: Up to 3 years

Light switches
Battery: 1x3V Panasonic CR2450
Operating time: Up to 3 years

Light bulbs
Type: E27 7W LED 80RA
Lifetime: 30.000 hours

Frequency & Coverage
Bluetooth Mesh technology
Frequency: 2402 – 2480 MHz
Coverage: Up to 50 m, 55 yd.
Can be reduced by thick walls.

Maintenance & Cleaning
Bed exit sensor:
Clean with a slightly damp cloth.
Light bulbs and switches:
Clean with a dry cloth.

For indoor use only.
Operating temp.: 15°- 35° C
Relative humidity: 5% - 95%