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Less stress and more time for care.

Reliability and peace of mind are qualities that you deserve when caring for a patient or a loved one, and they're qualities that can be found with the Amicus system. Amicus is a state-of-the-art wireless communications hub that effectively relays time critical alarms from residents to carers, improving patient overall safety and well-being.

Virtually any type of wired or wireless medical sensor can be connected to the system, such as motion and fall detectors, epilepsy monitors, occupancy sensors and personal alarms.

How Amicus works.

The Amicus system is fully scalable and easily customized. Each Amicus transceiver supports up to 3 wired and 4 wireless sensors.

When an alarm is raised, the Amicus Transceiver immediately forwards it to the Amicus Pager that alerts the caregiver with gentle vibrations. In addition, a text message can be sent to the mobile phones connected to the system.


The Amicus transceiver.

The Amicus transceiver is smart, reliable and very easy to set up. It features a powerful battery backup and offers advanced network supervision that result in high network security and resident safety.


Easy setup
Works out of the box and takes only minutes to install. Just plug in your sensors and you’ll be receiving alerts in moments.

Superior range
Offers an impressive range of over 600 m so the caregiver can move around freely in and around the premises.

Auto diagnostics
Automatic supervision of sensor, battery and network status, providing high resident security.

Multiple connections
Connects up to 3 wired and 4 wireless sensors, so you can grow the system as your need evolves.

Battery backup
Features a battery backup that steps in when the power goes off, offering increased security for the resident.

Mobile phone alert
Translates alarms into text messages, increasing network range and allowing for higher organisational flexibility.

Receive alarms on the go.

The Amicus system can forward alarms to mobile phones, providing increased range and flexibility. This means that the home carer is free to run errands while keeping an eye on the situation at home. In a nursing home, each carer can be assigned individual priority so that the alarm always reaches the one closest to and best suited for the task.

Image: When an alarm is raised, the primary carer has 20 seconds to respond before the alarm is relayed to the next carer.

The Amicus pager.

The Amicus pager is robust, lightweight and easy to use. It operates for 24 hours on a single charge and has a customizable inlay. In addition, the desktop charger features battery backup and an outlet for a bed shaker.

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Clear notifications
Alerts the caregiver with a combination of gentle vibrations, colored LEDs and an optional sound signal.

Auto configuration
Handles up to 4 Amicus transceivers and automatically adapts the signal patterns to the system configuration.

Smart tracking
Immediately warns for system faults or if the pager moves out of range, providing peace of mind for the caregiver.

Long lasting power
Operates for a straight 24h even during the busiest work shift and alerts for incoming alarms during charging.

Nighttime alerts
Comes with a bedside charger that features an outlet for a bedshaker to enable alerts for carers sleeping in.

Easy to use
Features clean and functional Scandinavian design with great ergonomics and a user friendly interface.

Get started with Amicus.

The Amicus Developer Kit includes everything you need get started with the Amicus system. It’s a quick and easy way to add value to your existing product portfolio. The kit includes the following:

BE2320 Amicus Transceiver
Incl. preinstalled modules for GSM and wireless alarm
Technical data

BE2350 Amicus Pager
Incl. a bedside charger to enable nighttime alerts
Technical data

Technical documentation and support
Incl. access to a support helpline.

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