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Smoke and
CO detection


Phone call


Get your Visit notifications directly on your mobile device

Offering the best of both worlds

The Mobile phone transceiver is the perfect complement to your existing receiver. It combines clear Visit alerts with easy to read mobile notifications.

Visit at your fingertips

In the Visit app, all your devices and controls are literally at your fingertips. Customize your notifications, browse history or update your setup with a simple tap.

Take control of your notifications

Tap My Notifications to customize the icon, label and room to match your home.

Stay on top of things

Select History to see what you have missed. Your notifications are sorted by date and time.

Keep your setup up-to-date

Tap My devices to change your Visit setup as your need evolves over time.

The Mobile Phone Transceiver

The Mobile phone transceiver connects the Visit system to your mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch via Bluetooth. Once you have installed the Visit app, you will start to receive Visit notifications on your mobile device. In addition, your Visit receiver will alert you to incoming calls and messages.

In the box

Telephone cable


Power supply
Screw and plug


Bluetooth powered

Up to 250 m coverage, open field.

App controlled

Available for iOS & Android.

Seamless communication

Connects Visit to your smart device.

Multiple compatibility

Supports phones, tablets and smartwatches.

Buttons & connectors 

1  Test buttons

2  Status LEDs

3  Ext trig input

4  Power supply

5  Landline phone

6  Batteries


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Click on the links below to access in-depth technical information and other useful resources.

User manual

Learn how to use it

Product compliance

Read the documentation

APP compliance

Read the documentation


Transform your Bellman Visit system

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