Sound can be harmful

In today’s society we are exposed to a steady stream of
sound – in schools, at home, at work and out and about.
Many of these sounds can damage our hearing.

How to protect your hearing

Your hearing is precious

Did you know that regular exposure to noise over 85 dB for more than eight hours a week can damage your hearing permanently? That’s the equivalent of ordinary traffic noise. In clubs or concert arenas, the sound level is often more than 100 dB. A common misconception is that you can actually “feel” when the sound is harmful, but that’s just not true. High noise levels are harmful long before it hurts. The table to the right gives you an idea of how long you can handle different levels of noise.

The good news is that you can take some easy steps to protect your hearing and prevent possible damage. Think about your total sound exposure during the day. The simplest way to start protecting your hearing is by limiting the amount of time you expose your ears to loud noise. But there are other methods too:

Move away

Always stand back from speakers and other loud sound sources – your ears will thank you.

Turn it down

MP3 players, smartphones, TVs and stereos can be too loud for your ears – turn it down!

Use protection

Always wear ear protectors in noisy situations, especially when working with loud equipment.