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Thanks to the safety alarm the ambulance arrived on time
when Rudolf had a heart attack. But also the less
dramatic everyday life has improved significantly.

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We couldn’t hear the doorbell so people called on the phone to let us know that they were standing outside the door

Käthie and Rudolf Karlsson are 83 years old and has been married since 1961. Käthie used to work as a teacher while Rudolf is an ex upholsterer. Today they are both retired but are engaged in many activities from dancing and gymnastics to choir singing and and sewing courses.

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As they have aged, the ability to hear has detoriorated for them both and 2008 they got their first help. After visiting a hearing care professional they were both equipped with hearing aids. The audiologist also asked them if they could hear the telephone and doorbell well?

- We don’t think about it as long as you hear well, be we had to admit that we didn’t always hear the doorbell. It never struck us before. It was also the first time it came to our knowledge that you could get help also with doorbells, says Käthie.

Later their home was also equipped with smoke detectors, alarm clocks and safety alarms. The safety alarms works so they can call for each other, even when they are in different places in or outside their home. Especially that product has been very helpful.

- When I came home one day in the end of 2011 I heard the sound from the alerting system. I understood that something has happened and rushed inside the house without even removing my shoes or my coat. Rudof had a heart attack. I literally threw myself over the phone and called the ambulance. It all went well thanks to the safety alarm that saved many important minutes.

Rudofs nods and agrees:
- We feel much more safe with these products. The have really given us extra safety now when we can have contact with each other even if we are in our separate bedrooms or anywhere else in our apartment.

The products have not only contributed to save lives, they have also made the everyday life significantly better.

- It happened many times that we didn’t hear the doorbell so people called on the phone to let us know that they were standing outside the door and waited for someone to let them in. That problem is all gone now, says Käthie.

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