Time to wake up

Ever since his teens, David has had difficulty waking up in the morning. In fact, he is so deep asleep that no alarm clock or friend is able to awake him. Now he has found a solution.

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The alarm clocks rang loudly and people were shaking me. I still wouldn't wake up.

Although David Ingemarsson is not older than 24, he has already managed to do a lot in life. After high school, he began working as a carpenter. After that, various careers followed such as being a mailman, salesman and travel guide. He has also worked as cleaner, loader and sail maker. Today, David is working in a large grocery store.

Regardless of work, David has had a problem that has followed him. Ever since his teens, he has been extremely difficult to awaken.

- The alarm clock screamed and people would shove me without me waking up. When I was in high school I had two alarm clocks that rang so loud that they woke up other people but not me. Eventually my sister came into the room to turn off the alarm. She lived two rooms away, says David. 

Among the more memorable episodes include the time when David overslept his university studies class by several hours. He was supposed to be there at eight o'clock. The cell phone was full of alarms and the alarm clock was set. Yet it was not until eleven o'clock before David woke up.

Despite his problems with waking in the morning, he would not call himself a distinctive night person.

- I'm probably a bit of a mix between morning and night person. I love the morning. But to be up at night is also pretty damn good, he says with a twisted smile.

Today, David has found a solution in the form of an alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon. It both sounds and flashes, and also has a vibrator that is placed under the pillow.

- I cannot think of a better alarm clock. Since I got it, I have not been late for an appointment a single time, even though I often start work at six o'clock in the morning.

The only thing missing is if the clock could cook breakfast too. – You can always dream, says David, laughing.

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