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Andreas works as auditory engineer, installing hearing products in the home of our elderly. He feels that the people he has helped have become more secure and independent.

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The products are very easy to install, and any problems can be quickly resolved.

Andreas Henryd works as hearing engineer at the hospital in Boras. Much of his work is to install hearing equipment in people’s homes. The most common products for Andreas are the Visit products for notification of door, phone and smoke detector. He also sets up loop systems for TV-listening, alarm clocks and push button transmitters etc. 

Andreas started his career in the northern part of Sweden and he has worked in the hearing business since 1992. He believes that there are as many users in need now as it was then, but he still sees a number of changes.

- The products have continuously become better over the years. The majority used to be fixed installations but now more and more portable and wireless systems are used. It is also more home visits now than it used to be. It’s not that Bellman & Symfon products have become more complex, but due to that televisions and phones are becoming more advanced, says Andreas.

Together with his colleagues, Andreas visits clients Monday through Friday They make about 20 operations per week.

- We visit only those homes where they are in need of help with the installation, but the majority of those who receive the products have no problem to set up the system themselves and we are talking about thousands of people every year.

To be eligible for funding of your hearing products you usually need to visit an audiologist that will understand your needs and assess the appropriate solutions. The assessment is made individually by audiologists, and Andrew's experience is that they are relatively generous in granting funds for equipment.

At the hospital in Boras they have worked with products from Bellman & Symfon for more than 15 years and it is very uncommon that someone is not satisfied with their products.

-From an installer perspective, the products are very easy to install, and any problems can be quickly resolved. It is also very nice both for me and for the patients that the products are wireless. But for the patients, it is obvious the security aspect that is the most important. They should never have to worry about missing a phone call or not to wake up on time.

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