One solution for all your devices

Introducing the Mobile phone sensor - smartphone, tablet and landline telephone notification in one.

Introducing the Mobile phone sensor - mobile and landline phone notification, all in one.

Hear your phone through walls

Modern technology has redefined the way we communicate. Nowadays we use mobile phones and tablets to keep in touch with family and friends. Through e-mail and social media, like Facebook, we can stay updated on recent events, and we can even talk face-to-face over long distances.

With all these devices and information at our fingertips, it’s not always easy to keep track of everything. And nowadays, you would have to carry around both the mobile phone, the tablet and the landline phone, just to be sure not to miss out.

Now we introduce the Mobile phone sensor that connects all these devices to one single solution - the Visit alerting system. It will tell you when someone is trying to get a hold of you, even if you are in another room or if you have trouble hearing the ring signal. Here is how it works.

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How it works

In the hallway

The sensor is triggered when the display lights up from an incoming call or message. It activates the Visit transmitter that signals the receiver.

In the living room

The Visit receiver starts to flash, sound or vibrate to show that there is an incoming call.
(The alert depends on the receiver)

On the phone

This means you don't have to worry about missing any calls or messages.

In the hallway

If you receive a phone call or message after you have gone to bed, the sensor triggers the transmitter that signals the alarm clock.

On the bedside table

The Visit alarm clock awakes you with sound and flashes and the bed shaker with vibrations under the pillow or mattress.

On the phone

This means you can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are always available if someone needs to get a hold of you.


Individual alerts for all your phones

Did you know that you can also use this setup for your landline phone? This way, you can actually even determine which phone is ringing by the colored lights on the Visit receiver.

But the Visit system can do more than that. By adding Visit transmitters, you can be notified in the same way when the doorbell rings or even if a fire should emerge.

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Easy access to your social networks

Today, we also use our mobile phones and tablets as calendars, alarm clocks and as a social hub. In addition they are a great replacement for a traditional text phone. Now that you can connect your mobile device to Visit, it becomes much easier to follow your friends on Facebook, keep in touch via email and keep track of important dates in your calendar. 


Your Visit system can show notifications from the following applications:

  • Text messages
  • Facebook
  • Calendar
  • E-mail
  • Skype
  • Newsfeeds, etc.

Proven solutions for your home

For more than 20 years, Bellman & Symfon has developed solutions that make daily life easier for people with impaired hearing, low vision or limited dexterity. Working together with the county council and private health care providers, we have been able to help hundreds of thousands of people to stay safe, secure and independent.

Visit is a complete system for home alerting that includes doorbell-and telephone notification, fire safety and motion detection. The Visit system makes it possible for people with hearing loss to lead a full and active life.

Choose your solution

The Mobile phone sensor works together with the full range of Visit receivers.
Choose the type of notification that suits you best – bright flashing lights,
amplified sound or discreet vibrations. Learn more about our two recommended
packages, one for daytime- and the other one for nighttime notification.


This solution notifies you with bright flashes when you receive a call or message, and it is activated when your mobile phone or tablet screen lights up. It works just as well with you landline telephone. The solution includes a mobile phone sensor and a telephone transmitter that is wirelessly connected to a flash receiver.

Intense flashlight Produces bright flashing Xenon lights (~30 Candela)
Wireless Up to 200 m operating range (free field)
Easy set up Includes everything you need to get started
Robust and reliable Approved by hearing healthcare authorities
Expandable Easy to add other Visit products

Type of notification

  • Flash

    Bright flashing Xenon lights that are effective even during the day

  • Light

    Colored lights to help you to identify the signal

  • Vibration

    Possibility to connect a bed shaker and be notified with vibrations

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Discontinued products

The Visit transmitters detect the following:

    Visit receivers

    The Visit receivers notifies you with the following signals:

    • Sound

      Loud and clear sound signal

    • Flash

      Flashing Xenon or LED lights

    • Vibrations

      From a powerful bed shaker

    Portable receiver

    Notifies you with sound and colored lights when a Visit transmitter is being activated. It’s easy to use and wireless, so you can bring it out on the balcony or the porch. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker and be awakened by vibrations.

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    Flash receiver

    Notifies you with flashing lights and a lighted symbols when a Visit transmitter is being activated. Place it on a shelf or mount it on a wall with the wall bracket accessory. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker and be awakened by vibrations. The backup batteries ensure full functionality in case of a power loss

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    Alarm clock Visit

    Wakes you in the morning with a combination of sound, flashing lights and vibrations from the accompanying bed shaker. It will also awake you when the doorbell or telephone rings - or even if a fire accident should occur.

    Learn more

    Pager receiver

    Notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a Visit transmitter is being activated. It is small, light-weight and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger accessory.

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    Wrist receiver

    Notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a Visit transmitter is being activated. Wear it around your wrist so you can be reached in and around the house. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger.

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    Smart hub

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