Prevent fire accidents

You can fireproof your home from the risks and dangers by using very simple means. With the right knowledge you can in most cases avoid fire accidents completely.

A forgotten pot on the stove

Kitchen fires are the most common household fires, with our senior population being the most at risk. A forgotten pot on the stove can boil dry and burn as the liquid has evaporated from the heat. Leftover grease in the fan or on the plates can catch fire when heated.

Fire spreads quickly if the grease splatters to textiles, like for instance towels and pot holders that often hang close to the stove. This can easily be avoided by keeping the stove and the surrounding areas clean.

A so called “stove guard” is a great help and will grant you a peaceful sleep, without worrying that you forgot the stove on. A stove guard is a kind of timer that turns off the stove after a while.

A cigarette left burning

A carelessly discarded cigarette bud may fall and catch fire in curtains or bed covers, which makes smoking in bed the most dangerous fire hazard of them all. Because the fire, in most cases, starts when you are asleep and the amount of flammables makes the fire spread very fast, these accidents are often fatal.

The wisest thing to do to prevent a fire here, is to avoid smoking in bed altogether. Make sure that you have a glass of water handy, so you can quickly extinguish a fire if embers from the cigarette should fall into your clothes, on the sofa or on the carpet. Also make sure that the cigarette is properly extinguished before you throw it in the trash.

A candle left unattended

Warding of the winter dark with candlelight is both atmospheric and cozy. But a candle left unattended can turn into something serious in a matter of seconds.

Make a habit of always blowing out all the candles, even if you just leave the room for a short errand to the kitchen or if you feel sleepy. Don’t use candlesticks made from combustible materials, make sure they stand on a flat surface and that your children and pets can’t reach them or accidentally bump them over.

Never place candles on top of the TV or in the Christmas tree. Even electric candlesticks can overheat. Always turn them off using the power switch.

Kids will be kids

A pile of raked leaves or cut grass may be too tempting to resist a prank. If it has dried up in the sun, it catches fire easily and spreads rapidly, and an innocent prank quickly turns into something very serious.

Remember to always keep the doors to the garage or basement locked and don’t leave combustible materials adjacent to your house, garage and garden shed after the spring cleaning.