Waking up has never been easier

Getting up on time in the morning is not always easy. It’s even harder if you have trouble hearing the alarm. The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon will wake you up with lights, sound and vibrations so you never have to oversleep again.

Extra loud and clear alarm

The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon features a sounding alarm that delivers a signal of up to 100+dB. Luckily, it increases gradually in volume, so you have plenty of time to turn it off before others might be disturbed.

In addition, it sweeps through high and low tones so that, even if you have trouble hearing for instance high frequencies, you will not miss it.

Wake up to vibrations

When you buy an alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon, a powerful bed shaker is included in the package. Just place it under your pillow or mattress and it will wake you up with strong vibrations when the alarm goes off. In addition, the bed shaker emits a sound.

Wake up to flashing lights

When you want to get up in the morning, waking up to flashing lights is a great alternative or addition to a sounding alarm. The alarm clock is equipped with four high-intensity LED flashes, the same type you will find in a modern camera or a cell phone. This means it's effective even if you prefer to sleep with the lights on.

Find your way in the dark

If you sometimes need to get up during the night you will find the soft blue night-light handy. The gentle glow is bright enough to guide you back to bed, but not so bright that it hurts your eyes or wakes your partner. So now you no longer have to stumble in the dark if you crave a midnight snack.

Reliable in all conditions

Have you ever overslept and discovered that the alarm clock stopped working due to a power failure? Now you no longer need to worry about that. The clock features a powerful battery backup that will step in whenever the power goes out.

The backup battery does not only keep the time, it also keeps the bed shaker and flashing lights at full power. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits.

The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon

Additional features

Easy to use

The alarm clock is equipped with a large, clear dial and big buttons that make it easy to set the time and alarm.

Adjustable backlight

It is easy to adjust the backlight brightness so that you will not be disturbed by the light.

Telephone notification

The alarm clock features an external trigger input and a telephone jack for telephone signal notification.

Life stories

Choose your own model

The alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon is available in three models; Classic for the price conscious, Pro for those who want a bit more
and the Visit model that can be connected to the vast range of Visit detectors. Here you can read more about the different models.


The Alarm clock Pro will awake you with an extra loud sounding alarm, bright flashes and vibrations from the accompanying bed shaker. It is easy to use and packed with clever features like night light, backup battery, telephone jack and an external trigger input.

Extra loud alarm signal Gradually increases to over 100dB
High intensity flash Features four bright flashing LED lights
Powerful bed shaker Vibrates under your pillow or mattress
Backup battery Works even during power loss
Night light beacon Guides you back to bed

In the box

  • Pro alarm clock
  • Bed shaker with sound
  • Power adapter
  • 4 x NiMH AAA batteries
  • User manual