Life stories

Here you can read some inspiring stories about how people have overcome the difficulties of hearing loss in their daily lives.


Rune has been a professional musician since the '50s. In the beginning he played mostly jazz, but when the rock revolution came he was forced to turn up the volume. This had consequences later in life.

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One day when Käthie came home she was met by a blaring alarm. It turned out her husband Rudolf was suffering a heart attack. She immediately called an ambulance that came to the rescue within minutes.

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Andreas works as auditory engineer, installing hearing products in the home of our elderly. He feels that the people he has helped have become more secure and independent.

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Ever since his teens, David has had difficulty waking up in the morning. In fact, he is so deep asleep that no alarm clock or friend is able to awake him. Now he has found the perfect solution.

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