Pairing your system

When you turn on the watch for the first time or reset it, either use the watch on-screen guidance or follow the steps below to pair it to your Visit system. Before you begin, make sure the units are close to each other.

1. Start the bridge

Unpack the bridge and remove the battery pull tab to start it.
The top LED will begin to breath in blue.

2. Charge the watch

Unpack the watch and place it in the charger. It will start automatically.
Tap Start on the watch screen to make it ready for pairing.

3. Initiate pairing

Hold down the bridge top test button until the LEDs start to blink alternately.
The bridge will search for your watch and light up the top LED in blue when it has been added.

4. Complete the pairing

Skip the guidance steps by tapping ICON-next.svg until the pairing procedure is completed.


If you have installed the Bellman Assistant app, you can skip the steps below, since your watch will get the correct time over the network and update it for the time zone you’re in.

Install the Bellman Assistant app

Download the Bellman Assistant app from the App Store® or Google Play™ and follow the simple setup instructions. 

1. Select time format

Select between 12-hour and 24-hour time format and tap the ICON-arrow-forward.svg to proceed.

2. Set the time

Swipe the hours and minutes up or down to set the time and tap the ICON-arrow-forward.svg to proceed. 

3. Set the year

Swipe up or down to set the year and tap the ICON-arrow-forward.svg to proceed.

4. Set the date

Swipe the months and days up or down to set the date, and tap ICON-arrow-forward.svg to proceed.