Switches and Covers Art. no. BE2530 / BE2540


The wireless switches connects to your Light My Way system via Bluetooth. They are easy to attach with self adhesive tape, right just where you need it, and enable full control of the system with a single flick of a switch. The package feature cover box and switch with integrated design.

Bluetooth® 5.0 Faster, greater range and low energy usage
Wireless Mount them regardless of the existing electrical wiring
Smart control Adjust your lighting exactly when and where you need it most
Nordic design Harmonizes seamlessly with your home interior
User friendly
Easily positioned with self-adhesive tape


In the box

The switches are part of the Light My Way fall prevention system (BE8108). Full package contents:

  • Bed exit sensor BE2500
  • Bedroom bulb BE2510
  • Hallway bulb BE2511
  • Bathroom bulb BE2520
  • Bedroom switch BE2530
  • Bathroom switch BE2540
  • Extra covers and frames:
    BE9270 / BE9271 / BE9272
  • E14 to E27 BE9278
  • B22 to E27 BE9279