Responsive lights Art. no. BE2510 / BE2511 / BE2520


The smart light bulbs connect to your Light My Way system via Bluetooth. They detect ambient light and automatically adjust to the time of day. The light is raised slowly, giving your vision time to adapt. The package includes three light bulbs, marked with instructional icons for easy installation.

Bluetooth® 5.0
Wireless 50 m operation
Responsive Adjusts the brightness to ambient light
Long lasting Up to 30 000 hours life expectancy
Warm white LED Low heat and power consumption
User friendly
Can be mounted in your existing lamp sockets

In the box

The light bulbs are part of the Light My Way fall prevention system (BE8108). Full package contents:

  • Bed exit sensor BE2500
  • Bedroom bulb BE2510
  • Hallway bulb BE2511
  • Bathroom bulb BE2520
  • Bedroom switch BE2530
  • Bathroom switch BE2540
  • Extra covers and frames:
    BE9270 / BE9271 / BE9272
  • E14 to E27 BE9278
  • B22 to E27 BE9279