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Bellman & Symfon supplies the products, sales tools and know-how to help you further grow your business.
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The products

Proven and reliable products

The Bellman & Symfon product portfolio ranges from assistive listening products to complete home notification systems, and are world renown for their clean Scandinavian design, high reliability and ease-of-use.

Assistive listening products

Our assistive listening products complement the hearing aids in noisy environments where they enhance speech further. They are fully digital and work right out of the box.

Alerting systems

The Visit system consists of a broad-ranging suit of wireless transmitters and receivers that fully integrates to work as one. Packed with unique features, it is the world leading system today.

Stand-alone products

These are easy-to-use, entry level alerting products that help people with hearing loss to notice signals in their homes, like for instance the doorbell or telephone.

The sales tools

Supporting your every step

We believe that an efficient sales process consists of a chain of elements that needs to be vigorously linked together in order to achieve success. If any of these links are broken, there is always a risk that the business opportunity is lost. With this in mind, we have developed a selection of tools to support your entire sales process, no matter if you are based on web, have a physical shop, or choose to promote your products through a catalogue.

The purpose of the marketing toolkit is to attract and motivate users to take action and to support you in your daily practice. It will help you to drive traffic, generate interest and ultimately sales. In addition we offer various incentive programs – just ask our sales manager for information on how we can support your business to further grow your business.

Drive traffic

These marketing tools are specially designed to drive traffic into your practice as well as generating traffic to your web shop.
Some examples are:

  • Open house invitations and vouchers
  • Direct mailings and e-mail templates
  • Campaign sites and web banners
  • Advertisement templates
  • Posters and window banners

Generate interest

These tools are specially designed to generate interest and desire for the product inside your practice or on your website.
Some examples are:

  • Demo products
  • Introduction movies
  • Interactive presentations
  • Desktop communicators
  • Brochures and posters

Achieve knowledge

The purpose of these tools is to educate people working with customer support, installation and assessment about our products. Aside from on-site product training we also offer:

  • E-learning movies
  • Webinars
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Data sheets
  • Technical manuals

Create motivation

The purpose of these tools is to motivate members of staff to actively promote the Bellman & Symfon product portfolio.

While the possibility to help more people is a drive on its own, it can be further enhanced by the implementation of an incentive program.

Our sales representatives will be happy to create an incentive program together with you.

The commitment

Let’s team up

We believe that every successful partnership requires mutual efforts and a clear set of common goals. As a Bellman & Symfon partner you can expect the highest level of attention and support – and we expect the same commitment in return.

Bellman & Symfon supplies the products, tools and expertise required in order to grow your business today and tomorrow, and we are dedicated to our cause – to improve everyday life for people with hearing loss.

We are ready to commit, are you?

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