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Art. no. BE1605-BE1608


ER-20 is the ear plug developed to protect the ear from high levels of sound. Using ER-20 is like turning down the volume; the sound gets weaker without distortion.

ER-20 is the ear plug for those who need to communicate in a noisy environment at work (e.g. teachers, airport crew or ­factory workers) or during leisure time (e.g. musicians, motor sport spectators or being in noisy pubs & clubs).

ER-20 offers good sound quality and high comfort thanks to its smart design: The stem, with its unique acoustic ­resistor, ­combined with the end cap, contributes to a well tuned ­acoustic circuit. The result is an average attenuation of 20dB over all frequencies. The ear tip, which fits almost all sizes, is made of soft silicone to guarantee high comfort.


Noise reduction


noise diagram

Exploded view


Size WxD: 32 x 13 mm