User manual BE1270

Learn more about how to use the bed shaker.

Bed shaker

Bed shaker
Art. no. BE1270


The BE1270 Bed shaker is a vibrator for indoor use that is placed in the bed to attract the attention of the user via vibrations. The Bed shaker vibrates when instructed to do so by the unit to which it is connected.

Installation and connection

The Bed shaker is usually placed under a pillow or close to the body.

The BE1270 connects to a range of Bellman & Symfon products with vibrator outputs.


Connect the Bed shaker to a Visit receiver or other product with vibrator output and follow the relevant testing procedure.


Does not vibrate 
  • Check that the plug is connected correctly.
  • Check that the receiver is picking up signals.


Technical illustration

be1270 bed-shaker linedrawing

  1. Anti-skid protector
  2. Connecting plug