User manual BE1010

Learn more about how to use the Bellman Ringer.

Bellman Ringer

The Bellman Ringer
Art. no. BE1010


The BE1010 Bellman Ringer is an indoor alerting system that helps the user to identify when an analogue telephone/text phone/fax machine is ringing. The Bellman Ringer draws the user’s attention by emitting an extra loud and adjustable sound signal from the built-in loudspeaker and via a light signal from an LED fitted in the front of the unit. The Bellman Outdoor Telephone ringer BE9003 is an optional extra that is connected by a cable into the Bellman Ringer and emits an extra loud and adjustable ring tone for external or industrial use.

The Bellman Ringer is connected in the usual manner by an adapter plug into the telephone socket or can be connected to other sources, such as certain door signals. This is carried out by a special connection via the built-in telephone input (9).

Installation and connection

The Bellman ringer is generally installed on a wall, however the product can also be placed horizontally, e.g. on a desk.

The Bellman Ringer can be connected in the following ways:

  • Directly from an analogue telephone socket with the supplied telephone cord/adapter plug into the telephone input (9).
  • Via pins 1 and 6 of the telephone input (9). See Technical Specifications for further details.


  1. Fit the batteries and connect the Bellman Ringer to an analogue telephone socket. 
  2. Set the Bellman Ringer to the ‘on’ position and increase the volume by using the slide switch on the front of the unit. 
  3. Ring the telephone number from a mobile phone or other telephone.
  4. The Bellman Ringer will now emit a sound signal according to the settings on the front of the unit and the LED (1) will blink with a red light.  


Ring signal indicator

The red LED (1) will light when activated, even if the sound signal in the Bellman Ringer is turned off.



The Bellman Ringer sounds an alarm with a built-in sound signal of 95 dBA maximum at 1 metre with a main frequency of 500 – 1000 Hz. The sound is adjustable for volume, frequency and signal type.

A Bellman Outdoor Telephone ringer BE9003 (accessory) can be connected to the Bellman Ringer to emit a signal of 95 dBA maximum at 1 metre. The sound is adjustable for volume, frequency and signal type.



The Bellman Ringer has the following settings:
Switch (2) Ring signal off/on, also applies to BE9003 accessory
Switch (3) Adjusts ring signal volume, up to approx. 95 dBA at one metre.
Switch (4) Adjusts ring signal tone with a main frequency of 500 – 1000 Hz.
Switch (5) Choose from several types of ring signal. 



No signal though there is an incoming call
  • Check that the Bellman Ringer is switched on.
  • Check that the telephone plug is correctly connected.
  • Check that the batteries have not run out.
  • Check that the telephone socket is analogue (not ISDN).

Technical illustration

be1010 ringer linedrawing

  1. LED
  2. Vound signal on/off
  3. Volume control
  4. Pitch control
  5. Ring signal speed
  6. Wall bracket
  7. Battery cover
  8. Loudspeaker output
  9. Telephone input