Datasheet BE1410

Read the in-depth technical information about
the door transmitter.

Door Transmitter

The Visit Door Transmitter
Art. no. BE1410 

Technical information

Power supply

Battery power:

9 V 6LR61 alkaline
9 V 6F22 lithium

Operating time:

6LR61 alkaline: approximately 5 years
6F22 lithium: approximately 10 years

Power consumption:

Active: < 30 mA
Idle position: < 10 μA

Radio function

Radio frequency:


Number of Radio Keys: 

64 Radio Keys as standard. Special software can be used to increase these to 256 Radio Keys in increments of 64 per software purchase. Contact the nearest supplier for further information.


The normal coverage between a transmitter and receiver in the Bellman Visit 868 System is approximately 200 metres with a clear line of sight. Coverage is reduced if walls and large objects screen off the signals. Any thick walls constructed of reinforced concrete will greatly affect coverage. The system may also be affected by radio transmitters such as TV transmitters, computers, mobile phones, etc. This means that a unit may work perfectly in one part of the room but not at all in another.


Via test button
Via internal microphone
Via external microphone
Via built-in magnetic coil

Additional information

For indoor use only

Dimensions WxHxD:

80 x 145 x 36 mm


With battery: 190 g
Without battery: 155 g


White with a red triangle.


BE9199/BE9200 Bellman External Door Microphone