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Pushbutton Transmitter

The Visit Pushbutton Transmitter
Art. no. BE1420


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The Bellman Visit 868 Pushbutton Transmitter can only be activated via the Pushbutton (2).


No adjustments are required for normal use. The relevant descriptions are provided below, if you wish to change a setting for some reason.

Radio key

In order to use several Bellman Visit Systems close to one another without interference, different Radio Keys can be set on the different systems. All Bellman Visit System units are supplied from the factory tuned to the same Radio Key, channel 0. This means that all Radio Key Switches on the transmitters are set to the OFF position.

  • To alter the Radio Key, move the Radio Key Switches (4) to the desired positions.

Please note:red triangle

All Bellman Visit products within the same system must be tuned to the same Radio Key in order to operate as a group.

Signal pattern

A Signal Pattern is the name for the way in which a receiver in the Bellman Visit System indicates activation. Changing the transmitters’ Signal Switch changes the Signal Pattern which the receivers display when the transmitter is activated. Follow the instructions under Appendix/Further information/Settings/Setting the activation pattern to make your choice.

TypeLED patternSoundVibrationFlash
Green 1 Green is constantly lit 1 x ding dong, low-frequency tone Separate Yes
Green 2 Green blinks in sequences of two  2 x ding dong, low-frequency tone Separate Yes
Green 3 Green blinks in sequences of three  1 x ding dong, high-frequency tone Separate Yes
Green 4 Green blinks constantly  2 x ding dong, high-frequency tone Separate Yes
Yellow 1 Yellow is constantly lit 1 x ring, low-frequency tone Short Yes
Yellow 4 Yellow blinks constantly 2 x ring ring, high-frequency tone Short Yes
Orange 1   Orange is constantly lit Baby Rapid Yes
Orange 4 Orange blinks constantly Baby Rapid Yes

Setting the Activation Pattern

On delivery the Pushbutton Transmitter transmits Green 1. This Signal Pattern can be changed by setting the Signal Switches (3) to different positions.

The figure below shows the standard settings that are available.
 Signal switch     Signal Pattern
 signal pattern green 1 Green 1
 signal pattern green 2 Green 2
 signal pattern green 3 Green 3 
 signal pattern green 4 Green 4
 signal pattern orange 1 Orange 1 
 signal pattern orange 4 Orange 4
 signal pattern Yellow 1 Yellow 1
 signal pattern yellow 4 Yellow 4



It is easy to test the Visit Pushbutton Transmitter. If the Pushbutton Transmitter does not work as described below, you can check further under Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting guide.

How to test

A receiver in the Bellman Visit System which is set to the same Radio Key as the Pushbutton Transmitter is required to test the Pushbutton Transmitter. 

  1. Press the transmitter’s Pushbutton (2).
  2. The Pushbutton Transmitter will now light up the LED (1) to show that it has been activated and that it is transmitting a signal to the receivers in the Visit System.
  3. The receivers in the system will indicate an alarm according to the way that the Pushbutton Transmitter has been set up using the Signal Switches (3). 


You can carry out a number of checks yourself before sending a product for repair. 

Troubleshooting guide
Nothing happens when the transmitter is activated with the Pushbutton (2).
  • Check that the battery is inserted the right way round.
  • Change the battery. Only use an alkaline PX28A or a lithium PX28L type battery.
  • Check that all the connections are correct.
The LED (1) lights up green when the transmitter is activated with the Pushbutton (2), but the receivers are not responding.
  • Check the battery in the receiver.
  • Check that the receivers are not placed too far away by moving them closer to the Pushbutton Transmitter.
  • Check that all units in the Bellman Visit System are set to the same Radio Key. For further information see Appendix/Further information/Settings/Radio Key.
The receiver emits a strange alarm when activated by the Pushbutton Transmitter.
  • Set the Signal Switch to 0000.
The receiver signals when no transmitter is activated.
  • Change the Radio Key on all units in the relevant Bellman Visit System. There is probably another system nearby with the same Radio Key.