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At Bellman & Symfon, we care deeply about people with hearing problems and care related needs. We are committed to improve the quality of life for our users and to make better hearing possible for everyone. Learn more about our philosophy and values.


Our mission

Bellman & Symfon of Sweden is dedicated to improve the quality of life for people with hearing and care related needs. We realize this dedication through continuous development of new and outstanding solutions.

Our people and partners are devoted to this mission and we work closely with healthcare professionals and audiology experts to protect and enhance your hearing and make a better living possible for everyone.

Our commitment

Our commitment starts by listening to the customers’ needs and wishes and continues by developing a solution that really makes a difference in every aspect; from function, features and design to service and price. Further on, our commitment doesn’t end until we are ensured that the solution is available through a partner that really cares about your needs – before and after you have chosen a solution from Bellman & Symfon.

Our global headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden and we are represented by a qualified partner network in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.


The company culture

The Bellman & Symfon cornerstones

Our company culture is based on four cornerstones – the 4 C’s – that guide us in our daily work with the objective to be a company which is open and adaptive towards change, where we challenge each other with respect and always dare to be different.

  • Customer in focus - we always give priority to the customer
  • Creativity and innovation - we encourage new ideas and thoughts
  • Continuous improvement - we strive to do better – each time
  • Clarity and openness - we communicate in an open way

Customer in focus

We always give priority to the customer

By understanding our customers’ needs, we develop solutions that add value. In each business case, we work closely with the customer to find the optimal solution to fulfill his or her need – today and tomorrow. We offer our customers outstanding solutions that meet their expectations.

The way we work

  • We listen to the customers and base our actions on their needs
  • We put demands on our customers but are easy to deal with
  • We are pro-active and alert in our customer relations
  • We are competent and and handle communication reliably

Creativity and innovation

We encourage new ideas and thoughts

By constantly challenging ourselves and our solutions, we make sure that we develop our position and performance. It is always better to try new ideas and run the risk of making a mistake than doing nothing at all. In a creative environment, it is allowed to make mistakes.

The way we work

  • We contribute with new ideas and suggestions
  • We encourage each other to come up with creative ideas
  • We have an open attitude
  • We show respect to each other and listen to others opinions

Continuous improvements

We always strive to do better - each time

There is always room for improvements - in both the big scale and in every detail - in all we do. We always look for solutions that are adapted for the adequate lifetime and easy to implement and to live with. By thinking this way, we continously meet our customers’ expectations.

The way we work

  • Every day, we ask ourselves: What can we do better?
  • We challenge each other to improve and are result oriented
  • We have an open attitude towards change
  • We don’t waste time and we always keep good track of things

Clarity and openness

We communicate in an open and straightforward way

In our culture, everyone is allowed to speak up and to ask if something is not understood. Discussions and decisions are based on facts. It is everybody’s responsibility to follow decisions taken.

The way we work

  • We allow ourselves to be questioned openly
  • We behave in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way
  • We trust and show respect to each other
  • We are committed to our tasks and have an open attitude

Our method

The Star Formula®

Bellman & Symfon has invented a method we call the Star Formula to ensure that the company takes every aspect into careful consideration during the development, manufacturing and distribution of its hearing solutions.

The formula can actually be compared to the recipe for a hearty loaf of bread, in the sense that you need to add ingredients that makes it filling and savory as well as nutritious. So, when developing a hearing solution, we always add the following ingredients:

Innovative qualities, IQ

This ingredient represents the innovative qualities that we include in every solution we create. By incorporating unique features like exceptional sound quality and unrivalled operating range, we make sure that the solution is groundbreaking within its field.

+ Emotional qualities, EQ

This represents the emotional bond that arises between the customer and the solution – and ultimately the brand. By emphasizing innovation and design, offering solutions that exceed people’s expectations, we build a healthy and lasting relationship with our customers.

+ Service qualities, SQ

This ingredient stands for the exceptionally high level of commitment and dedication that the company and its partners show in the interaction with customers. As a customer, you shall always be serviced by people who understand your needs and are fully devoted to you.

/ Price qualities, PQ

Our target is not only to offer the most attractive solution, but also the most price worthy solution in its segment when you consider the IQ + EQ + SQ ingredients above. In short - the best value for money.

= The winning formula

When you choose a solution from Bellman & Symfon you can rest assured that you have acquired a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations - at a reasonable price. It means that you have chosen the star of the class.

Share your thoughts

We welcome your input

The Bellman & Symfon group is certified both according to the general quality system and to the medical quality system. Bellman & Symfon holds a top (AAA) financial ranking.

With the importance of communication in mind, it is my responsibility, pleasure and honor to lead the Bellman & Symfon team to continue its efforts in developing and offering outstanding solutions which enhances the quality of life for people.

Maybe you have ideas or comments that can make us performing even better? If so, I welcome you to please share your ideas with us!

Share your thoughts

With best regards
Peter Jungvid
/Founder and CEO

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