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Bellman & Symfon offers a broad range of solutions that enable people with hearing loss to lead full and active lives. View our hearing products and find out which one is right for you.


Our listening systems are a great complement to hearing aids in busy surroundings, like at work or in school. They reduce the distance to the person talking and clarify speech before it reaches your hearing aid

Listening systems

Our personal amplifiers can be used as a complement or as an alternative to a hearing aid. They are inexpensive, work out of the box, and are easy to handle for people with low vision or dexterity.

Personal amplifiers

The Visit system notifies you when the doorbell or telephone rings, even if you are several rooms away from the signal. It ensures that your family and friends are always able to reach you.

Home alerting

The Visit fire safety solution wakes you up immediately if a fire accident should occur. Knowing that you can get out of harm’s way in time provides a peaceful night's sleep for both you and your relatives.

Fire safety

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